Old Evergreen Highway takes first step toward trail vision

Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council directed $925,000 in federal funding to engineer and build a mile or more of trail west from the intersection of Old Evergreen Highway & Ellsworth Road.

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Evergreen Highway Trail remaining areas

Wintler Park to 177th

• At this time,177th to 192nd may be difficult to


• The City, Berger ABAM and Group McKenzie have bid on design and permitting costs

A rough timeline for the remaining Trail timeframe

• Design and permitting fee proposals reviewed and to be narrowed down by July 31, 2012

• Fundraising for design and permitting fees – five and a half months – January 15, 2013

• Design phase with funding – approximately nine months – October 13, 2015 (environmental

issues could cause some delay here)

• Funding process begins (possible LID) June 1,2013

• Funding process complete (possible LID) May 31, 2014 (one year could be aggressive)

• City to bid contractors – completed by August 31, 2014

• Construction of start of trail – September 1 2014

• Trail complete – March 31, 2015

• Contingency period – nine months – Overall trail complete by the end of 2015 (hopefully,

worse case) Update


Old Evergreen Highway Trail Coalition